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Report - Roundhay overflow tunnels - October 2010


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Visited by Ojay (flyball) McFresh & Captain Flouro (WB)

After an earlier visit to Dewsbury to check out monument culvert, it was still early (11pm) and we wanted MOAR DRAINZ!! So we headed over to 'Dirty Leeds' to check out something that Ojay had been meaning to look at for a while...

Neither of us had been here before so we parked up in a decidedly posh area, got wellied up and headed over to check out the overflow wier from the 'wet' side...

The water was shallow enough for us to walk right up to the edge of the wier, unfortunately I don't have any shots from the top side of the wier as my camera exposure is limited to 15 seconds, i'm sure Ojay will put some shots up from that tho. :)

With both of us stood in welly-deep water in the middle of Leeds at midnight, we pondered what the rest of the world was upto... "avin it large down town like, our kid" was my responce, and was most certainly true. Oh well, fuck 'em. I'd rather be draining. :thumb

Anywho, having decided that sliding down the wier was a no-go we headed off to find the outfall of the over flow...

Thar she blows!

The old stone tunnel to the right was a separate culvert that we mooched up after, more on that later. ;)

The outfall split into two 5ft by 7ft concrete boxes, one wetter than the other, we chose the dry one but also chose not to photograph it... Wasn't really that interesting.

After a short mooch up the concrete box, the channel returned to the open air for a short while before going under a short box section bridge and then reaching where we had been 30 minutes before, but on the bottom side of the wier.


We spent ages here messing about with lighting, trying to get a good shot of the wier and channel, my camera was struggling at this point to catch enough light. Ojay's DSLR doorstop with 60 seconds exposure produced far better results which i'm sure he'll tag onto this report.



Satisfied that we had got some good shots of the weir, we headed back down the tunnel to check out that stone & brick culvert outfall...

We were not disappointed.


The branch to the left was blocked off, probably done when the resr was built!

Beyond this point there was a 6ft RCP with a flow restrictor on the end of it...


this caused the water and other gunk to back up behind it, leading to welly fail should anyone wander up it.

Of course Ojay headed up, sqelching along the concrete until he reached a strange perforated concrete infall (photos to follow i'm sure)

With the time approaching 2am and considering we had been draining for nearly 6 hours we decided to call it a night and GTFO.


Thanks for looking. :thumb


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