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Report - Roxy Cinema, 28/01/07



The Roxy cinema first opened in 1937 and finally closed its doors in August 2005 and the area lost it’s last independent cinema, I saw many films there as a child.
The cinema has been derelict since then with the council waiting in the wings to level the place to erect their shiny new business park. It has also had the attention of the local chav community and the obligatory pikey visitors.

Access was straightforward. We entered the cinema and walked straight into screen 2 the second largest screen in the place, the chairs and screen had been removed, long auctioned off. Evidence of chav destruction is everywhere. Moving on up to the foyer with only the light from my torch i felt like an usher leading someone to their now missing seat.
The foyer like the rest of the place was littered with broken glass and other junk, so we made our way up to the bar area where mirrors once lined the various booths and know the shards just littered the floor. screen one was on this floor and like all the others the screen and seats had been removed.

Found it difficuilt focusing at times with only my maglite for illumination, getting stuff in focus was a bitch.
Across from screen one we pushed open the 'no admittance' doors and made our way up to the projection room. The projector had been removed and anything that wasn't wanted when they auctioned off the old gear was still in situ sporting it's lot number. Old metal reels, an old projector even the fire door sign was up for grabs. We also found a room containing two curious looking items that looked like huge light bulbs/valves.Also up here was a cutting room with spliced film scattered around the floor and another machine which looked as though it went straight down to the room below.
Shame to see the place in such a state, but was good to see it before they knock it down.
Here's a few pics


Screen 1


Bar area

Looking towards Screen 3





John Firth

28DL Member
28DL Member
Thanks for these. Used to live up the road from there and spent a lot of time in there. Shameful that it was torn down and now only has billboards there.

Miss Mayhem

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It's trashed and from your shots there's not exactly anything
Of interest to look at

Southampton Old Lady

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thanks for sharing these. The Roxy was the highlight of my week with Saturday afternoon cinema when I worked in London in the 1980s.
There would be 2 cult films. You could take beer in and they served "The Fudge". Best of all was the wise quips ejected by comical audience members.
I swear that those two Brixton women from 'Gogglebox' started out there!

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