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Report - Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital Rooftops, Brighton, November 15th 2010


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I spend about half my time in London and the other half in Brighton. It was while in Brighton, a few days before my West Park Week of Wonders (of four days and two nights), that I had a quick chance to come back here and check out the sunset from the rooftops. I'll make a fuller report of the interior here soon. It's trashed and nasty in there now, which is a real pity as this former children's hospital is an architecturally significant site. The fat cat developers are just playing a waiting game it seems until the structure becomes condemned and they can have their way and destroy the whole thing, including the glorious Victorian facade... :banghead

Anyway, it's a great spot to watch the clouds go by, or would have been if I wasn't splashing around in three inches of rainwater, with an ever-present risk of being seen by the labourers in their yellow hi-vises on the other side of the street. It's nice up there though, with grand views of Brighton that encompass most of the city and even some of the Sussex Downs beyond... It was a pleasant evening.









And that's that... for the time being at least. I have been in there so many times this year I need to get a grip on the photos I've built up... but once I've sifted through them I'll post a proper report, with some nice history and politics... anyway, I hope this was of passing interest in the meantime.

:) Go in peace. :)