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Report - Royal Alexandra Infirmary, Paisley - Sept 2016


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History -
"The Royal Alexandra Infirmary traces its origins to a general dispensary providing out-patient and pharmacy services to the sick poor which was opened in 1788. From this came the House of Recovery opened on 1805 which catered for infectious diseases cases only until 1850 when it became a general infirmary with medical and surgical wards. The infirmary was completely rebuilt on a new site in 1900 and renamed the Royal Alexandra Infirmary. In 1948 it joined the National Health Service under the Paisley & District Hospitals Board of Management for and in 1974 was transferred to the Renfrew District of Argyll & Clyde Health Board. A second completely rebuilt Royal Alexandra Infirmary on a new site was opened in 1986."

Explore -
Visited with Dweeb as we were passing through and having ignored this place on previous trips because we didn't think it looked that great we thought we might as well stop and have a look.
Half of the site has been converted to residential flats and parts of the residential buildings are still attached to the derelict portion so certain areas do require being a bit stealth. Overall a nice relaxed explore.



















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Really nice report Six, good work :)
If I'm ever up that way.....


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Like the look of this Six, cool pics :thumb Really need to get up into Scotland myself. Seems like a real hotspot for hospitals.


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due to the ever increasing popularity with the youth and various vagrants of society this awesome site has now been sealed up. Basically anyway seen by neighbouring residents will have have the police waiting for them upon exiting. This brilliant site has been ruined. I know someone who lives next to it and they are fed up of the noise, disruption and fear of arson.



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That article is quite dramatic! We saw a resident whilst we were there and he simply told us taking pictures is fine but don't go in as it's dangerous. I doubt the hospital will be sealed up for long if they have gone to town on it. There were certainly a few different access points whilst we were there.


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Great shots, was here recently, would have thought it would have decayed more in 3 years but not much change at all.