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Lead or Rumour info - Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel Rd


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I happened to pass this place yesterday, for the first time in a while, and noticed hoardings and gates all along the front of the old building, and all the windows boarded up. I didn't have time to stop and look more closely but it seems like the old building is entirely closed - just checked the Barts website and that seems to be the case:
http://bartshealth.nhs.uk/media/162729/130320 Royal London Hospital Map.jpg

...anyone had a look round / know anything about it / fancy an explore?


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I think a couple of the locals got in a couple of years ago, into the basement I seem to remember. Didn't end well if I recall. When I lived around there a couple year back they were doing a pretty intense job of stripping it, and then securing it.

Don't be put off though, go take a look!


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good luck trying to get in during the day, its way too busy down there..had a look all the way around it a couple of weeks ago, seem like there is no way of getting in without been seen


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I live just down the road the building is pretty well secured with razor wire but i may have a way in will keep the post updated