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Report - Royal Mail Sorting Offices - Leicester - July 2016


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To say that it has been a slow year of exploring for me would be an understatement. My first attempted explore of the year ended up with my car being barricaded onto a driveway whilst the owner called the police which then resulted in 6 police units including 2 dog units being called.

Fast forward 6 months and this place pops up so I thought I'd go and take a look with MattDonut and Goldie87.





If you look closely at the next three pictures, you may be able to see some slim rectangular windows on the upper sections of the walls, these were secret surveillance rooms where members of staff would sit and covertly watch the mail handlers to ensure that they were not stealing any of the mail.









To access the surveillance rooms without arousing suspicion from the mail handlers on the shop floor, there would be a door in some of the selected offices which features a ladder that would lead to the floor above or below.

Thanks for looking!​


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Well done for noticing the surveillance windows!! This was standard fro any new and refits of RM's buildings from the the late 80's on wards. (I may or may not have worked for RM). They have a lot of buildings that they acquired in the 60's and did nothing with until they refitted in the late 80's 90's. A lot of them now are visually stuck in 1992 because they are in prime locations and suite RM's network but management dont know weather to sell or invest!. However now technology has changed things making it a lot easier to put a camera up. The crawl spaces are still evident in many of the Delivery Offices that are in use today, however cameras are easier. Nice find. 10 years ago this would have been a big office.