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Report - Royal Mail Sorting offices, Stockport, Jan18


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Not the most exciting of explores this one, but I’ve seen the threads on here and with it being a local one I guess I had to have a do and it has a roof so why not.

Visited with @Camerashy for a quick mooch one morning. Cheers to @host again for as always, keeping his eye on things lol.

As you can see it’s very empty. It looks like the pikies have just started to get into it. It is alarmed and they do keep an eye on the place. It does get sealed pretty quickly. Not that I imagine many, if any will bother anyway.​


I can’t find much history on the place. I don’t know when it was built I’d assume 60s/70s?

A purpose built steel frame cladded sorting office for Royal Mail. Built on the site of the Super Cinema

From what little bit’s of info I can find plans were drawn up to close 3 sorting offices in 2008. Stockport, Farnworth and Oldham and to move them between Manchester and Preston. Stockport closed around the summer of 2009.

There are notices up around the street saying planning permission has been granted for a conversion to apartments. Why it would be converted and not flattened I don’t know.

There is also an old article from 2010 claiming that Greater Manchester venture property fund purchased the site and were planning on demo’ing it to build new apartments.


First stop was the roof.

Nice lambo pal

Once back inside inside it’s just empty offices…

and empty offices….

and empty offices…..

with this soggy office with some codged up drainage


One of 3 external staircases and lift shafts.

back onto some empty offices

There was a sign on this door mentioning Arc welding so im guessing some kind of workshop? For repairing the sorting machinery?

big empty floors

Cage against the machine


Down to ground level and there was this unloading conveyor ballsack machine.

Quite a few safes kicking about

A room full of em!

Down into the main loading area

Externalz. Ugly aint it.



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Well done, nice job and pix. Enjoyed that, ta.

Baggy trousers

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Mate, this has been staring its ugly face at me for the last six years. Despite being empty, this is epic win!
Well chuffed you managed to get in and get it done.
Pat yourself on the back chap im well impressed and slightly jealous!!


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I use to live across form this and now ive moved, a mile away it gets open.
I spent 6 years trying to get in here :(

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