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Report - Royal Marines Deep Refuge - Jan 17


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28DL Full Member
3am. Like a well-orchestrated machine, myself and fellow forum member 13ADG3R entered the Royal Marines Deep Refuge. Weeks of planning, research, reconnaissance and a failed entry 2 weeks prior had paid off big time. Balls deep :thumb

Once inside it was immediately apparent as to why the woodwork in this place is slowly rotting away. Every overhead surface and object was covered in condensation and large drops of water. The underside of every hand rail was coated in a film of wet slime. The wooden steps of every staircase may as well not be there as most had rotted away with a large heap of rotten wood at the bottom of each stairwell.

Once inside we found an impeccably untouched set of tunnels. Now as other posts on the forum have mentioned, there’s not much info on this place but it is believed that the lower level was used as a refuge by the royal marines and that the upper level was used as a casualty clearing station for the nearby hospital. Inside there is much evidence in the way of relics and graffiti that would back this up. In addition, myself and 13ADG3R may have found further evidence that has not been presented on the forum before. By absolute chance we found writing that had been carved into the underside of one of the upper bunks located on the lower level. Although most of it was illegible, the word “wounded” is very clear. So perhaps (in times of limited space), the wounded from the hospital where also sheltered in the lower level. A wounded soldier laying in a lower bunk, carving into the wood of the upper bunk to pass the time?

Anyway, here are some photos from the exploration including one of the “wounded” carving.









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