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Report - Royal Masonic School For Boys July 2012

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This place first came to my attention when i was passing by with my Girlfriend and i got home and Googled it and found out it was the royal masonic school for boys, which turns out is where my grandad used to go as a young lad. It is a shame i found it this late on as he has now passed away, would have loved to show him the pictures i have taken as he would have loved it, as he was always banging on about how good the place was, with its underground tunnels and vast corridors and now i can see why.

So i got let home from work early which happens to be near this site so with my urbex gear in my car i thought id set off and finally crack it as it had been a couple of months since i found out where it was. As i explored i moved quickly to see the full site as was not sure on the situation with security ect.

The History

The Royal Masonic School for Boys was an independent school for boys in England.
From 1798 charities were set up for clothing and educating sons of needy Freemasons. They originally provided education by sending them to schools near to their homes. A specific masonic boys' school was set up in 1857 following amalgamation of the charities in 1852. Which closed before the 1900's not sure on the date.

A new school was built in 1903 and a Junior School was added on the other side of The Avenue in 1929. By 1939 there were 800 boys at the school. Following a decline in pupil numbers the junior school closed in 1970 Numbers continued to fall, and the senior school closed in 1977. It also has been used as the United States International University (Europe). The sites have been featured in films such as monty python and Indiana Jones until the 1950's. They have now been redeveloped as luxury housing/apartments.


The old cricket Pavilion


Vast corridors


Beautiful stair wells


Ironic shot with finding this sign in a great hall


Vast underground tunnels Leading from all 4 towers to the 2 grand halls.


Main court Yard


Now a rich mans paradise


Thanks for Looks, Explored in memory of my Granddad