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Report - Royal Navy Cordite Factory - Holton Heath - March 2017


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I know this has been done to death and it's also a complete s*** hole now but I only get 1 day a week off work and as I'm on call I cannot stray too far so sorry, you are going to have to put up with this one until I take some holiday! I won't write out the history as this is such a frequently visited site but here's the link to Wikipedia for those who don't know;


As Woolley mentioned, the damaged sections of fencing have been replaced with very light duty repair sections, held on with 12mm nuts and bolts, access is still a piece of cake.

Sadly, I arrived on a cold and foggy Saturday and the place was teeming with chavs, kids, lads and druggies, deep joy! Much waiting around occurred as they were making so much noise with loud music, screaming, shouting, smashing stuff up etc I was convinced the police would arrive, they never did.

Once the site was empty I had a good 2 hour look around. It is completely ruined but if you can somehow close your mind off to the graffiti and wanton destruction you can superimpose the old black and white photographs over what you see today. It is still an interesting place to wander around, especially outside the perimeter fence where little bits and bobs indicating underground areas are still there.

On with the photographs, I took a lot so sorry if it's a bit pic heavy, links to my Flickr for more;

hh2 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh3 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh7 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh9 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh11 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh14 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh15 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh18 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh19 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh20 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh25 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh29 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh35 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh36 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh40 by Thumper427, on Flickr

I have absolutely no idea what this is the remains of, perhaps a Fox?!

hh41 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh42 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh43 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh45 by Thumper427, on Flickr

hh44 by Thumper427, on Flickr

Thanks for looking :)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Great photos! Never worry about being 'pic-heavy' i love seeing them. different people always see an element/something different anyway. It does look more smashed up though. I actually went south of the train tracks the other day....not a lot over there but might post some of my findings...
Where are you off to next?


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Sounds good Woolley, I'd love to see the photographs!

Not sure where is next on the list, I believe the Victorian tunnels in Portland have been welded up due to an idiot getting caught, plus posting the whole thing on YouTube! On my way home Saturday I found an old pill box at Moreton ford crossing, pretty disgusting and stinks of excrement so didn't venture in, it's only a small one. I also drove home past the Moredon Mill, it was getting dark so didn't stop.

I'd love to find somewhere new, a local pub of mine has been recently abandoned in January this year, stopped there tonight on way home from work but sad to see a new alarm system has been installed and tall metal construction fencing erected all the way around.

Suggestions always welcome! I'm in Dorchester. Furthest I've been so far is the Hobbity House in Chedglow, that was a long day trip but worth it ten fold!

I have found somewhere new actually and it's really interesting, only problem is... it's not abandoned LOL I really want to have a look though it's like Blobbyland crossed with Teletubbies!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hello, there's a couple of us urbexers based in Poole and Bournemouth. Not a lot to explore around these parts - you've mentioned most! As soon as anything is abandoned it gets pulled down (greedy developers).


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi UrbanDorset,

I've done quite a few more since this report but I haven't done reports on them as they have been covered before. I might add a couple on Sunday though as I have some interesting photographs. It's finding the time to get it done. I am travelling further and further out now, I did Tone and Tonedale Mill last month, that was a fantastic explore. Bournemouth and Poole is, as you say, difficult because most things are gone within weeks of them being abandoned. I did however explore the old nursery and 2 houses in Ferndown the other week, not a bad one that although I did nearly fall through a floor despite going at a snails pace through the buildings!!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hello Thumper

I've done the nurseries too. The floor was okay when I was there, though only went in the 'better' house, so perhaps you mean the other one?

I also went to Tone and T'dale last year, but was on my own and didn't go in. At Tone I got shouted at by a group of teenagers (!), telling me I shouldn't be in there. They were shouting from the road, so no chance of me not attracting attention from others! As I was en route to Bristol it was really more of a recce anyway.

As you say, you have to go further afield to find anything.

Bertie Bollockbrains

The Spice Must Stop
Regular User
Not sure where is next on the list, I believe the Victorian tunnels in Portland have been welded up due to an idiot getting caught, plus posting the whole thing on YouTube!
It has been open since that YouTube video, which I think was November 2016. Certainly was open when I was in the area which was about March time. Could well be open right now. As I'm sure you already know from that video, don't even think of using the top entrance which is HM Prison Service land.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
There are quite a few things in Dorset that haven't been mentioned, have a good search on here and net.... if they're open though is another thing!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Quite a few other places in Dorset have now been demolished, are locked down, or just plain trashed. It just means you have to go further afield, that's all.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hah yes I wouldn't dream of going to an extrance which was housed in a prison car park surrounded by buildings and CCTV, what a donut! I read it had been welded shut but I cannot confirm that until I get time to pay a visit and hack through the undergrowth myself!

I have gone to a fair few places in Dorset but as mentioned in my previous post I rarely get time off work anymore and since then I am now working 7 days a week almost every week. Today is my only day off in 17 days and I have a lot to do at home, it's really frustrating me at the moment as itching to get out! Plus a lot of places have been done to death on here so I don't feel yet another report would add anything. I may well post a couple of threads later as I have some photographs which I really like.

Oh and I went in both houses at Ferndown, it was the one (as you look from the road) on the right, the flooring inside by the front door bows down a LOT as the supporting batons are actually broken at both ends and whatever you do, don't attempt to leap onto step 3 from the hallway (first 2 steps are missing) as the entire stair case pulls away from the wall, plus the weight you will distribute onto the floor to get onto the step means that will give way as well, excellent for getting the heart racing! :D


28DL Member
28DL Member
Hello, there's a couple of us urbexers based in Poole and Bournemouth. Not a lot to explore around these parts - you've mentioned most! As soon as anything is abandoned it gets pulled down (greedy developers).
hi i'm based in bournemouth and would like to go on any adventures i've herd theres some big tunnels under bournemouth gardens going from the railway arches at the gas works

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