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Report - Royal Observer Corps Cold War bunker 15.08.20

Fancy sleeping here for the night?

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Hello! I’m new to this forum and already, it’s been great reading through pages of history and finding a few more amazing local spots to journey to in the future. I’ve been into urbex and the concept of abandoned buildings since I was a small child but I’ve never really consciously searched for somewhere to explore, they just appear every now and again. I always follow the rule of “leave no trace” and get very annoyed seeing some beautiful places smashed up just because someone found it fun to do so… Anyway,
thought I’d post a few pics from August 2020 when I ventured down this ladder into complete darkness…

wasn’t really expecting a great deal to be left but considering how hidden the bunker is (in the middle of a field in the middle of no where) it hasn’t been highly vandalised apart from the odd bit of graffiti .A rusty bunk and a rusty single bed are some of the last bits to remain (aside from all the slugs that call it home.) it was nice to get inside one of these since a lot of them have been sealed (A bunker slightly closer to me had been set on fire before being sealed in the early 2000s.)

i’ve attached a few photos for those who might find them of interest :)



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There's a section for ROC posts
I think I've only been in one that was decent and the rest are trashed or burnt out

As for sleeping in it, well I've slept in worse

Bikin Glynn

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Good effort. this should have the ROC name & rough date of visit to be in line with group rules.
It looks like it has been burnt out but like @paulpowers sais its difficult to find a decent one these days

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