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Report - Royal Papworth Hospital, Papworth Everand - May 2019


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So this place closed only 2 weeks before I visited this place, and so I had the good fortune of being able to see this place in its full untouched glory!
A new premises was built for this place very nearby and so this entire campus shut and was left to waste space and tax payer's money...
Since I visited I've seen a lot of equipment that used to be in this place has been moved to the newer site, namely the operating lights (of which my photos aren't the best unfortunately) and unassumingly some of the machines have since shifted position.

There was a crazy amount of stuff left in this site when I visited which would sum to ridiculous sums of money, as well as power being on in most of the site.

So this was one of the first operating rooms I came to, which unfortunately didn't have power to the actual operating lights - can't win em all..

This is one of the many machines left in this place. This one in particular is an X-Ray that kindly featured a nice operating light ;)

This was an aniography room which boasted another X-Ray machine and fully functional lights... again...

A view of the same room from behind the 'control desk' where the doctor would presumably sit if he didn't run out the room screaming 'radiation' ;)

This one is an MRI scanner that did actually sound as if it was on until I figured it was the air-con that the NHS have kindly left on because guess who's paying:oops:

Annoyingly the scanner was not aligned with the ceiling, but alas it came out decent regardless.. :)

Another X-Ray room that had evidently had more work done to strip it than the others.

Here's a ward which was relatively empty apart from this lovely hospital bed. This part of the hospital was very odd to explore because you could feel a sense of a hospital and all the misery it entailed - and being the ward section you could in a way sense the pain that would have been felt in here.

This was a CT scanner tucked away in a room that looked to be used as storage to a certain extent. Next to it was a much smaller, baby-sized CT scanner which I regrettably didn't shoot while I was here.

A shot of another ward, with @xplorer.x kindly filling in the blank space in the corner of the room :)

And how could we forget this beauty!? I loved this morgue despite it's charisma being slightly off-set by the ceiling lighting :eek:

Annoying, the slab is totally unaligned with the lights in this room, but regardless, it was an amazing block to get into and is by far the most pristine and stocked morgue I've ever done/seen!

This is personally my favourite photo from this whole site and probably one of my overall favourites from any site as well!

A view to the inside of the fridge doors...

Thanks for reading and tolerating the imperfections in the photographs here... enjoy a few photos below that aren't good enough for the main report but show more of the place ;)
One of the first operating rooms we found with working lights.

(Right) the baby-sized CT scanner.