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Lead or Rumour info - Royal Victoria Hospital Edinburgh closing down...

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The royal vic in Edinburgh is currently being boarded up, half of it is still in use but most of the patients have been transferred to the replacement wards at western general hospital! I took a drive round earlier and it's a fair size, noticed that the morgue is already boarded up!!!! Only problem is , is that I've never seen so many ir CCTV setups around a hospital in my life lol I seen a good number of entry points and escape spots too, there was a door wide open [REMOVED] but I didn't have a torch and was aware I was being watched so left the scene! Going to drive back round the place [SOMETIME] in daylight, will keep this updated


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Haha, funny, this is one of the places I've been watching recently :) There goes my surprise!

But yeah, it's tigher than tight at the moment. I've seen dogs there too, but I couldn't tell if they'd arrived because someone had been seen recently, or if they're there all the time.. Either way, there's enough cameras for the seccas to have a good gander.

I'm thinking it'll quieten down over the next week or two.. But By then probably won't be as good :(