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Report - Royalty Cinema, Birmingham January 2017


grumpy sod
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I don't usually explore cinemas and theatres. I don't know why but they just aren't my cup of tea despite how beautiful some of them are, it's a beauty I definitely appreciate but for whatever reason I just don't enjoy shooting them that much.

However occasionally I do decide to have a look at one, and on hearing that the car wash people had vacated their pitch in the old cinema car park me and my friend made plans to see it, as it was one I had always fancied and failed at a year or so before when the place was locked up. Arriving outside we saw an immediate, obvious way in that took me by surprise as I never expected it to be so out in the open, in a good way. Slipping inside we explored the whole building as the sun began to go down, I'm glad I did as well as not long after this visit the building began to suffer a lot more graffiti and trashing from kids as there was nobody to look after it.

The history has been covered a lot on here so I'll just get straight into the photos.

Thanks for looking :)​

Calamity Jane

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Good report :cool: Nice looking stained glass window that. Not sure about the red and blue decor with gold trimmings lol. But some nice features there. :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
good to see, last thing i heard about this place was a youtuber getting trapped inside by the owner sealing the door behind him and calling the police, loving the place anyways