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Report - Rugby Radio Station - Hillmorton/A5 Warwickshire - April 2013


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Rugby Radio Station was a radio transmission facility in Hillmorton near Rugby Town situated just west of the A5 trunk road. The station was built in 1926 and was used to transmit telegraph messages to the Commonwealth as part of the Imperial Wireless chain and was owned by the Post Office.
During World War II many of Rugby's transmitters were used by the armed forces. In January 1940 the main antenna collapsed under the weight of ice and in 1943 a fire put the VLF transmitter out of action. Additional transmitters were installed in a new building in 1954 and the power supply was renewed.
The 1926 building has since been taken over by BT whilst the newer building has been derelict since 2004.

My Visit

I drive along the A5 (Watling Street) near on daily and have recently discovered the 2nd building to Rugby Radio Station; it has been quite easy to miss due to it being set back off the road a few hundred yards and is surrounded by trees and bushes. The entrance for the road to get to this building has been blocked off by concrete blocks and currently looks like a "Lay-By." it was upon pulling into this lay-by to answer my phone that I realised I was looking at what could potentially be some interesting fun ;) :thumb


Having decided to take a look at this old, disused building it didn't take much time to notice just how long ago the offices and radio rooms were last used. Every room I entered was trashed - with holes in the walls, floor boards ripped up and furniture thrown across the place. I have taken many photos from the downstairs rooms, to the upstairs rooms, the hallways, fire escapes, the roof and the out buildings, even the basement - Which was flooded halfway up the stairs! Unfortunately being new I can only show you the best Ten! :(












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