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Report - Ruined houses, West Lancs: yours for just half a million! - May 2016


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Stumbled on this while driving around on a photoshoot with a drummer (got him to set up a £4000 drum kit on top of the old Cheshire Lines railway bridge - it was awesome).

Hopped a gate somewhere in Bumfuck, Lancashire and found two houses - a badly crumbling cottage and a large detached house in its own grounds. Inside was a 1973 timewarp with terrible wallpaper, newspapers, typewriters and vintage household goods; but curiously, there were also trophies and books from the 1990s. My guess would be somebody moved stuff in to begin renovating and never got far with it.

It was a ten-minute rushjob since we had to get back to doing a proper grown up shoot, but it was my first time exploring a regular old house and i found it pretty damn captivating. Trying to work out who'd lived there last, and how the place came to be forgotten, was really interesting. I don't think it's ever been photographer before (except by estate agents, presumably), so here's a selection of slightly blurry, quick photos. I know it's a lot of photos for a derp but I like doing captions.

On a side note, this place is on the market, 1.72 acres of land with 'offers in excess of £500,000'. Yeouch.


The first few shots don't make for particularly glamorous thumbnails, so here's a mini jumble sale of crap to prove it gets more interesting further down. Some of this stuff actually looks quite collectible, which is why I'm being so vague about the location.


The main house doesn't look particularly derelict at first glance. Walking round the corner we were wondering whether there'd be some crazy old bloke on a rocking chair, stroking a shotgun.


The cottage, however, DOES look particularly derelict. This couldn't be more fucked if it was actually on fire.


A good window should be 50% indoors, and 50% out. This fails the test spectacularly.


Yes, that's the roof. As I took this there was a slight crunch underfoot - turned out to be a furry skeletal rabbit. Oh, the things we do for cool pictures.


Absolutely not happening. Nope nope nope.


It's hard to believe anybody could ever possibly have lived here. I'd like to think it was a mysterious hermit with a long grey beard who shared his house with a variety of forest creatures.


Wide angle showing how utterly fucked and beyond repair the cottage is. Joe Anderson will probably announce a new exhibition centre here or something. Note also the dead rabbit.


Behind the cottage was some kind of shed/garage. It was made of wood and not hugely interesting.


All I can find online is that Marco (Demoliton and Excavation) Ltd was struck off in 1982. No wonder the business failed, they kept leaving bits of their machinery everywhere.


I'm not going to lie - this collapsed shed filled me with glee. It looks like it just melted into a puddle one day. I want to draw a face on it.


Over to the main house. It's sort of ugly and attractive at the same time, like Sarah Jessica-Parker in Hocus Pocus. It has a sort of face, actually.


BING BONG! Nobody home but the spiders.


We're inside and it's June 3, 1974, according to a newspaper left on the kitchen counter. Pretty rough time, with miners strikes and IRA bombings, and women basically having the choice between 'typist' or 'motherhood'. On the plus side, Led Zeppelin were absolutely on the top of their game. Houses Of The Holy, hell yeah!


Any lingering doubts I had about this being occupied later than the 1970s vanished the moment I saw the wallaper.


No need to wear a face mask in here, Vicks Vapour Rub kills everything in a five mile radius...


These trophies are almost all for darts, and mostly from the 1990s. I had no idea darts was this big a deal. Either way, it's a total mystery why there's a bunch of nicely-displayed 1990s stuff in a house that's mostly stuck in the 70s. SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOOO


The mysterious Mr Winrow was quite the dartsman, judging by all the trophies. Or is it 'dartist'? 'Darter'?


The back room had an odd variety of vintage 'woman stuff' on the table.


I've seen girls getting ready for a night out and this is basically the same scene, but with considerably more mould and asbestos.


Mills & Boon novels, winemaking...jeez, this really was a stereotype 1970s woman. I'll bet she knew her way round a fondue set. Was half expecting to find a bowl with a bunch of car keys in it.


This must have been the great Mr Winrow's dartboard. Looks pretty much like any other dartboard, but true darting greatness was achieved here.


Scarlet Fever to Testis...a riveting read for all the family! Research suggests this is from the late 1930s- early 1940s, which is not much of a surpise when it was written by somebody called 'Sir Humphrey Rolleston'.


Some kind of vintage adding machine, possibly a Burroughs? Couldn't find anything quite like it online - the fraction keys are unusual. Crazy how a tiny smartphone can do something that used to require massive expensive electromechanical lumps of steel like this.​

Thanks for watching!



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Just a quick update - was here late at night last week and the condition seems to have worsened quite a bit - the older farmhouse is on the verge of total collapse and the big house is looking even shabbier. Visiting in the middle of summer it was a lot more overgrown too.

Unfortunately we didn't take a look inside because our driver got a bad case of the creeps and dragged us away, saying it reminded him of too many horror movies!

I still haven't gotten round to properly documenting the place, but I'll get down there in the daytime and have a nose round, see if there's anything interesting. It doesn't exactly look like people are queuing up to buy the place :D


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