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Germany is the "wurst"
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Not strictly "urban", and not strictly "exploration", since it was pretty far from any urbi and we knew exactly where we were going, but hey, TANKS, BITCHES.


I'm a dude. Dudes love tanks.

Here, look at what my Kiev-60 can do:



(Not much, as it turns out).

These mostly out in the open in western Germany, with a bunch of hikers and photographers running around - and a surprisingly small number of vandals. Maybe the Bundeswehr snipers planted around to ward off tagger scum helped just a bit.



I mainly went to play with old camera kit and daylight lighting techniques, so here you go. Not much in terms of background - these were used by the German military for training purposes, before being left to rot in the middle of an army training ground - presumably to add "atmosphere" for the younglings learning not to ram trees. The facility also had the most sensible warning signs I've ever seen - "no entry during live fire drills, enter at your own risk any other time". Kind of a nice way of saying "don't be an asshole".


Yeah, I've gotten really lazy lately. Whee, tanks.


More, as always, at kosmograd dot net.​