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Report - Runcorn DEP Building April '12


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Always been fascinated by this building and went exploring with a friend. It is the old Department of Education building situated behind Runcorn's Shopping City. The place has been shut down and left to rot since the nineties due to asbestos being in the building. Used to have easy access to but now it is all sealed off. The lower floor was inaccessible due to there being so much fire damage. We ventured up to the third or fourth floor when we heard a door slam on the floor above us, followed by loud, aggressive sounding footsteps- we thought we were alone! We panicked as at this point we were actually lost, it's a huge building and we spent a good fifteen minutes running around trying to find the way out, we could hear the other person getting closer the whole time. Was such a relief when we finally did get out. Enjoy!











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Asbestos is not a hazard if correctly sealed and not exposed. If they closed every pre 70's building that contained it, there would be a building shortage!

Runcorn Shopping City itself was opened in 1972 (Then called Halton Lea) and itself is undergoing large-scale redevelopment including asbestos removal.


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Would have gone up to the roof had there not been another person on the floor above us, scared us a little haha


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I live quite near this building. Apparently there is starting to be big problems with druggies and tramps using it and it is resealed up quite regularly. I wouldn't recommend trying to get into this building at all really at the moment and certainly not in the daytime because there seems to be some preparation for demolition going on. It's a bit odd that a use for a building like this can't be found. It is right near a lot of major roads, has nearby parking and facilities and is easy to get to from quite a distance away. You would think some sort of business would want to turn it into offices at least. I guess it is just too big?

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