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Report - Runcorn Railway Bridge Towers - 28th July 2009



Hello, this is my first post. I've been to quite a few Urbex spots but this the first original. A few trains went by when we there and we were so close to them.
Once we decided that that we we would go into the towers we had to find a way up. The ladders hadn't been used for years by the looks of them, as they had small trees growing at the bottom. The towers didn't have much of a floor inside so we were confined to walking around the edges of them quite close to the wall.

It was pretty windy up there and full size tripods were useless as lack of floor. The wall was good enough to stand the cameras on though.

Walking along the old path next to the line, on the way out we saw two people. They weren't railway workers so we continued quietly until we reached the metal part on the bridge, which was quite loud with boots on, so they must have heard us.

The Bridge was built from 1864 to 1868, it spans 303ft over the river. The clearance below is 75ft so when in the towers we must have been close to 100ft high. The footway was closed in 1965 and you can tell that it hasn't been used much since.

The towers from the footway.

The line, was good when the big Virgin trains passed.

On the bridge between the two towers, above the line. A train passed when we were here.

Top of the second ladder, this one had a cage around it as you came out of the steel part of the bridge and the Mersey was waiting below. There's a train passing below on this one.

Looking at the first tower, the ladders were a bit sketchy as you had to swing out to get down them

Looking towads Widnes

Both bridges side by side

View of the bridge from the second tower
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