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Report - Ruperra Castle, Caerphilly. September 2013.


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This is my first post so go easy on me guys.
Visited with a non member.

Parked the car on the other side of Coed Craig Ruperra and it was a loooong walk up a very steep hill and back down the other side to get to this place. Arrived feeling extremely unfit but it was well worth the walk!
We didn't manage to get inside the stables or the house as they both seem to be occupied at the moment and it sounded as though there were about 20 dogs howling from the stables. Thank god they weren't loose!

Anyway, bit of history on the place -
Built in 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, Steward to the Earl of Pembroke, it was one of the first of the 'mock' castles to be built in Wales. King Charles I spent two nights at Ruperra Castle in 1645 shortly after the Battle of Naseby.

It was later absorbed into the Tredegar Estate and became home to the Morgan family. Evan Morgan , 4th Baron, 2nd Viscount Tredegar. One of the more interesting members of the Morgan family. He was a poet and noted eccentric with links to The royal family, Aldous Huxley, Lord Alfred Douglas, Aleister Crowley, Augustus John, Nancy Cunard and HG Wells amongst many others. The Duke of Bedford described the Morgans as "the oddest family I have ever met"; his mother is rumored to have built bird nests big enough to sit in! Ruperra was his childhood home and he held wild weekend parties there in later years. Evan's weekend garden parties were quite notorious in their day, and entertainments included Evan's menagerie of exotic pets, including lots of birds that seemed to do his bidding, a honey bear called Alice, Somerset the boxing kangaroo and a talking parrot called Blue Boy.

A friend of Aleister Crowley, Evan Morgan was actually a practitioner of occultism. They seem to have been friends for many years, as Crowley once inscribed a book to Evan, calling him 'old friend and adept of adepts' and proclaiming his right to bear Excalibur (with Crowley seeing himself as the rightful heir to Merlin.)

In his younger days, the then Hon. Evan Morgan was involved in a private occult society in London called the 'Black Hand'. It had 13 members only and Evan was known as the 'Black Monk'.

Evan Morgan was the last member of the Morgan family to live at Tredegar House. In 1941 the Castle was destroyed by fire when British troops were billeted there. After the War the estate was sold as a farm. The castle has stood a ‘romantic ruin’ overgrown with vegetation and deteriorating for over 50 years.









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