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Report - Russia -Kaliningrad Oblast -Small aerial lift and elevator (2012)


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A short report from Russia, the Kaliningrad Oblast (Region) at a small seaside resort on the coast a few miles away from the big city. Already in the late 1800's it was a popular health resort and the beginning of the 1900s they built a railroad that made it easy to get to the resort from the town at that time was called Köningsberg. (1946, after World War II, the Soviet Union took over the area and renamed the city and area / county to Kaliningrad)

Today the small beach resort quite so prosperous, a mixture of old buildings from the German period, some modern large hotel and new construction as it was difficult to determine if they are slow-down or slow-going, and many people on the beach.

It is very steep between the small town and the beach, so in they 1912 built a small aerial lift. It worked until well into the 1960s. Then they built a new aerial lift, there are various indications when it began operating, some sources say 1970's, and some information says 1983. The aerial lift is 118 meters long and have 18 cabins. Seems like 2005 was the last season it was in use. (But not sure)

A bit away from the aerial lift is also a large tower with an elevator, built in 1973. The footbridge is 60 meters long and the lift 30-40 meters high. When the elevator was taken out of service, is unknown.

So it was a different visit to ruins, glass booth was a few meters from the disused aerial lift, next to an abandoned pizza restaurant, and the ground floor of the huge elevator was converted into a kitchen of a fast-food kiosk, beside the great beach promenade....


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