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Lead or Rumour info - Ryde Theatre/Town Hall, Isle of Wight


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Hi apollo, yeah I used to work here at weekends when the "hipshaker" and "electric 80s" nights were on. It's a massive place, and only a small bit of it was used when I worked there. It closed in April 2010, and as far as I remember, the council were going to renovate it.


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scoped this out with a few other interesting looking places on the island. would be a really interesting explore this but its on top as its right in the town centre. and its boarded up like a mo fo!

everything's locked down pretty tight. and i couldn't find any access.

theres also the amusement arcade/jolly sailor/ colonel bogeys night club complex on the esplanade at sandown but again no access.

and in Ventnor the winter gardens on the front is now abandoned too but also locked tight.

i visited Harcourt Sands in Ryde/Seaview and thats doable but the 2 main buildings the indoor pool leisure centre and the restaurant is locked up well too. i did spot maybe one means of access to both but being on my own it was a wee bit dangerous.