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Report - Rylands Mill Chimney, Wigan – January 2011.


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After a morning of failure we headed over to this place in the late afternoon, It was just getting darker and the weather was holding up so we had a pop at it. I’m not really one for 50/60m vertical ladders and shitty metal cladding so I was dropping a few sat at the top.


In 1819, Rylands & Sons were established with their seat of operations being in Wigan.

In the course of a few years extensive properties at Wigan, along with dye works and bleach works, were purchased. Valuable seams of coal were afterwards discovered under these properties, and proved a great source of wealth to the purchasers.

From 1847, John Rylands became sole proprietor of the company owing to the death of his father and retirement of his brothers around 1839. Designed by George Woodhouse in 1866, Rylands Mill was built and had served the local population for work until the overall demise of the textile industry had taken its toll across the country.

In 1985 it became an annexe to Wigan Technical College and became better known as the Pagefield Building until closure in 2007. The facade along the front was repointed and boasts some wonderful brick pattern work, this mill being the most expensive around at the time it was built.
Back in May last year we explored the Rylands & Sons Warehouse in Manchester which is now currently Debenhams, It seems like they had a knack for building beautiful and modern buildings which were well ahead of their time; Rylands&Sons Warehouse/Debenhams.





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