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Report - Rylands Mill Chimney, Wigan - November 2010.


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Rylands Mill Chimney, Wigan - Climbed By Ojay, DocP, Buddah & Blino.


The mill was built in 1867, to designs by George Woodhouse for John Rylands, one of the area's largest cotton manufacturers. The Grade II
listed complex includes the former spinning mill, weaving shedsand engine house and chimney.


I originally visited the Mill back in March, but the chimney was locked down. (REPORT HERE)

I've been several times here since, only to find it locked :banghead

After visiting the nearby bunker tonight, DocP informed me that the chimney was do-able......

Up we go, one by one, at least 150ft, and then we chilled up top, admiring the views. Although the weather was shite, we could see for miles.

As we grabbed a few shots, we could see blue lights coming towards us, then sirens...Fast forward 5 minutes and we were surrounded by 4 Police vehicles LOL.

We just climbed back down and walked out, splitting into 2 we made our way accross the nearby park in opposite directions. (Blino also thought he heard dogs) :eek:

It was total jokes as we walked out, with 2 of Wigans finest shining torches about. There was a van waiting at the gates, so we just walked around to the next exit and out.

I swear they couldn't catch their arses with both hands :D

The other 2 bailed and a quick phone call confirmed they were away without any hassle.

We then headed on over to the old Police HQ for a mooch, as you do!

Up your chimney's....




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Thanks for looking :thumb

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