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Report - S & M Culvert - Macclesfield - Feb 13


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Argie Barghi / S & M Culvert _ Macclesfield

So named after Pauls report a few years back, due to it's proximity to S&M Supplies in the Waters Green area of Macclesfield, although previously reported as Argie Barghi hence the dual name ^

The Culvert runs upstream, directly under Macclesfield Train Station, and then out and past the rather expensive Arighi Bianchi furniture store. It's only a ten minute stroll with some fairly deep sections, but has a few interesting little bits and bobs along the way.

A spur of the moment explore whilst passing through Macc, and not ideal with wellies but hey ho...on with the pictures :D



Stalagtites hang tight from the ceiling, stalagmite, might once day join them, watch out for the outlets in the roof too



This could have done with an explore, but I didn't fancy being eaten to by the army of spiders around the entrance, I shall return with a hat :thumb




Back out into the open the water gets just past knee high, and the river-bed becomes heavily silted not ideal in wellies :eek:


Looking down towards a small waterfall, and the river becomes so deep it's time to go back


Not the most spectacular of culverts, but worth an hour or so of anyone's time, especially to check out the outlets along the way

Cheers for looking :thumb
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