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Report - S.T.D. Drain - September 2010.


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S.T.D Drain - Visited By Ojay.

After being stuck in for the past few days, I decided to head out into drains.

With my bag packed I hopped onto the bus and made my way to the area where I believed the Outfall to be.

I thought I had found something new, but I should have known better, as this place had been discovered by JonDoe back in the 80's.

Getting to the Outfall during the summer months certainly presents it's challenges, as after wrestling with 6 ft nettles and all manner of wildlife I finally managed to scramble down in one piece.

I proceeded with caution as it had been raining hard over the past week, but levels were quite reasonable considering.

Once inside it was immediate stooping up the 1.5M CMP, which got gradually worse further in due to the amount of rubble and silting over the years.


This was another backbreaker, the only relief was a quick stretch in one of the 2 inspection chambers along the way.


Just as my spine couldn't take anymore, the metal work came to an end, and ahead was a more welcoming 6ft RBP. Around 200 yards up it started to get a bit deeper, and was rocky as hell, as all manner of junk had washed down.

Eventually it eased up and I managed to get this shot before carrying on


After an ankle breaking mooch I could see something in the distance....


Picking up pace I arrived at this rather cool brick chamber with a 4ft and 6ft RBP splitting off in different directions. I stopped for a quick rest and also to decide which direction to take.



I chose the smaller of the two pipes, as often they can lead to good things. In this case it was just a shrinker with a couple of small surface drains feeding in.

After a few hundred yards I turned back, stretched my back once again in the main chamber and opted for the 6ft RBP, which appeared to be the main source of the drain.


Eventually the RBP gave way to a U shape, and continued into a concrete box with 3 smaller pipes feeding into it. There were also a set of rungs that led to another inspection chamber, the manhole was a good way up and I had no intention of climbing it. My battery had died at this point, so unfortunately no further shots, and no intention of stooping back anytime soon.

It's an odd arrangement and I was quite surprised at the abrupt ending, considering the size of pipes downstream..? I would say that it's fed by surface drains, and the smaller brook that flows through it.

Despite the overgrown access and the relentless stooping I actually thought this was quite a cool drain and another fine example of Victorian engineering (In Parts).

Thanks for looking :thumb
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