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Report - Salem Chapel, Arthog, North Wales – May 2017


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Salem Chapel, Arthog, North Wales – May 2017

Nearing the end of our North Wales Tour in May, Mookster and myself headed for Arthog for this little gem tucked away in the woods!

We had to loiter next to my car on the road outside while a VERY Hawk Eyed elderly couple swept leaves from their road and had their eyes on us for a considerable amount of time. We thought this one wouldn’t be do able as they simply would not leave!

Finally, we seized our chance and headed in after they went back into their house. It’s a wonderful little 20 minute explore, but it is rotten to hell and doesn’t have long left! The most comical thing was seeing people and cars pass on the high road behind the chapel, through its failing roof!

Salem Methodist Chapel was completed in 1833. Not long after; in 1868 it was rebuilt in the Gothic style of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas of Landore. It’s in a pretty rural part of wales and eventually closed in 1973.

Legend has it, that the owner of the building moved abroad so that he didn’t have to pay a bill for a quarter of a million pounds. As a result of this; the walls and other works of the structure are unsafe to passing motorists and local residents due to lack of maintenance.

It has been said by surveyors that it will eventually collapse in on itself.

It was a really enjoyable Spring time explore. So relaxed once inside with no trouble at all.







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