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Report - Salem Methodist Chapel - Arthog - February 2015

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Salem Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan), Arthog.


Well where else to end up on a Sunday stroll but a derelict Welsh Chapel; in all fairness I was spoilt with choice in this area. Every village seemed to have a derelict church or chapel, sometimes both, this is probably down to many of the cottages now being holiday homes so the demand is no longer there or they didn’t know when to stop building them 150 years ago?

Due to the death of my trusty Tamron wide angle lens I have ended up stitching a few photos together resulting in some unusual shapes, you forget how easy it is with a 10mm lens. Mind you I have thought of stitching images inside buildings before.


Salem Methodist Chapel was built in 1833 and rebuilt in 1868 in the Gothic syle of the gable-entry type, by architect Thomas Thomas of Landore. Salem closed in 1973 and has remained disused to date.

This old chapel is in a very sorry state. Apparently the owner resides abroad where a bill for maybe a quarter of a million pounds cannot be slapped on him. The bill is for the recent retaining walls and other works over the years to make the structure safe to passing motorists and local residents.

Apparently it has been assessed and surveyed and is deemed likely to collapse in on itself if it does go.

My Visit

A pleasant enough stroll, the obvious way in wasn’t due to a large noisy dog and an old couple twitching curtains. Been a bit since I did a report in black and white and since most of the insides of the chapel was black, white and grey seemed an appropriate time to do one again.

Not much to say, more in and out plus a visit to the hole in the roof.


Remains of the Alter.


What’s left of the small piano.






Final one through one of the holes in the roof.


A nice enough stroll, and first time I’ve been to church for a year or two.



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