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28DL Full Member
Nice to see it's still there!
Used to get in through the escape hatch for a look round in the late 70s, all the power and water were still on, old situation boards in place, civil defence posters on the water heater. No grafitti either! On the surface there were two brick vent stacks, the escape hatch and a 60ft lattice tower. A mate climbed up the tower and said the top half was only held on with a couple of bolts, well shaky!
Got involved in the 80s when SDC upgraded it to replace their 'bunker' in the basement of the council offices. Complete rewire, new ventilation units (those drum things in the photo) and moved a load of kit from Bourne Hill. The genny still started and ran even after 15 years.
A few things of interest: the bunker seems to have been built in an existing small chalk pit back in the 40s(?) which was then backfilled to cover it. Abandoned in 1967 when they gave up with civil defence. Enter through the long tunnel from the front door, set of steel doors with an airlock/decontamination area, genny room on right, inside you have another room on right with the vent kit, comms room on left with incoming BT lines, main room ahead with escape hatch tunnel on far right, situation room on left with door through to bunk room and toilets, kitchen and toilets off main room.
Photos of the place to come when I can dig them out.


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28DL Full Member
Finally dug out the piccies and copied them over: these were from 1981 when a mate & I were able to get in for a look. The place had been abandoned since CD ended in 1967 and although some of the local kids got in now and again you didn't get the dickheads trashing the place like they do now. Power and water were still on and some kit still lying around.
The district council took it over in about 1986 to replace their emergency centre which was in the basement of the council offices (and pretty useless!). Got rewired, new vent kit (still kept the genny). Looks like they've abandoned it again from the photos!

The front door from the outside

Vent shaft and mast

The mast itself (this was the one my mate climbed to the top of and on the way down found that the top was only held on by two bolts!) :eek:

Base of mast

Looking down the escape hatch

Looking up the hatch from the bottom

In the main room looking towards the escape hatch (through the steel door)

In the kitchen: the water heater and cooker both working! 20 year old poster.

Emergency water tanks in the kitchen

In the main room: resources board left over from civil defence days

In the main room looking through to the comms room. To the left of this was the door to the main entrance and genny room.

In the genny room: the charcoal filter and vent fan (still have the makers plate from it!)

Genny room: old switchgear

The Lister genny. Started and ran without any problems!

Incoming BT phone lines in the comms room

The front door from the back.

Just down the hill was the old Harnwood hospital which had been abandoned a couple of years previous. Had a look around it but didn't take many photos (film was expensive!!) and it was pretty manky inside

And a view from the roof


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I like the civil defence stuff, wasn't there in 2005, or I missed it. To be honest, not much has changed since these pictures were taken.

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