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Report - Salomons Science Theatre Kent Sept '13


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The original plan was to climb the clock tower at the Salamans Centre but that turned into a massive fail.

Not put off we went off for a snoop around and ended up somehow joining some rather boring presentation about about modern teaching skills.. but hey free cake and coffee who could complain..? Well it was rather dull so myself and Mrs Orange decided it was time to wander off and see what was behind the scenes so to speak at the Science Theatre..

Here's some history and worth reading up some more on David Lionel Salomons - Master of electricity and theatricality.

From Vanity Fair, 1908:

“His home in Tunbridge Wells is a modern magician's cave, with electricity to play the part of the good genie. All sorts of weird things happen there at the touch of a finger, and the science theatre, though usually patronised by venerably musty savants, would send a child into rapture.â€￾

As well as devoting his time to the painstaking work involved in scientific research, Sir David threw himself enthusiastically into demonstrating the results to others. He was a keen populariser of science and, in 1894, built a large ‘Science Theatre' onto the back of the house at Broomhill. Here he would carry out dramatic electrical experiments for others to see, and present new technologies to his colleagues and the neighbourhood. The Theatre was fitted with a magic lantern, and an organ would play music rolls, producing recordings of famous musicians and singers for visitors to hear. Eventually he would also show moving film. He saw these developments as a way of transmitting knowledge to a wider audience.

More info can be found HERE



Sorry for the flash, it was pretty dark and I only have a cheap point and shoot. This is just a fraction of what's to offer so another visit is on the cards, but the place is camera city and we got clocked leaving but by which time I'd run out of memory. Hope the pics aren't too big if so I'll resize..

The Pics.












As high as it goes.. Well almost.. Member Pics coming soon..


The original target/fail...


Thanks for looking..
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The Salomons Estate is owned by the company I currently work for. So much history here, a good day out and very beautiful views can be seen here in and out of the grounds.