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Lead or Rumour info - Salston Manor near Ottery St Mary


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Hi there,

Having been HERE before when it was in use I was surprised to find out that it has been closed. Not sure of the plans for it's future but someone has been there, all-be-it done some crazy stuff to the images... HERE

It's only abut 2 miles from Ottery Switch Gear HERE and a location HERE This also has the Tumbling wear with culverts!

If I had the time I'd go look but alas I am forever busy, hence putting it here in case others want to check it out!


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The links didnt work properly for me but that might me because I'm on a phone,

Looks a big old place, googled it and found some shocking HDR pictures of the Interior
Looks pretty trashed but if someone's that way might be worth a quick peek, because my retinas did get a bit burnt and maybe it's not as trashed as it looks

It is however

Cocking miles away


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Hey Man I am the guy who did the Ottermill Report you have linked to.

I live locally in that area and so me and a friend went to Salston for a look about 2 months ago. We spent ages looking for an entrance and didn't find one, and were eventually caught by a local, who told us the landowner was on his way and that we needed to 'run away'. Would love to see it though!