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Report - Saltley Gasometers – Birmingham – May 2012


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Saltley Gasometers – Birmingham – May 2012

Visited with Gone, Millhouse and Morse

Recently there was a small surge in gasometer exploring and lots of people were keen to reconnect with vivid memories from their childhood regarding their curiosity with these beasts. Much like old cooling towers, these large redundant structures can now be considered both an eyesore and a thing of beauty.


Saltley Gasworks once held the honour of having the tallest gasholders in Europe and these matching twins are the kings of the UK scene and remain an iconic landmark on one of the most interesting stretches of motorway around. Having seen them whist passing between north and south so many times over my life Im slightly surprised that they don't get climbed more often. These were the ones that were important to me and I had wanted them for a while.

Gone and Morse took on the North tower while me and Millhouse ascended the south. They provided a relaxed climb and were interesting to photograph. We had fun climbing around and conversing from the top of one tower to the other and ended up spending a little too much time here causing us to run out of dark for other things.






Cheers. Sho


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Only managed to partly climb these mofos. My partner in crime below me was having technical issues climbing up through the ladder cages with a big rucksack and big fuck off tripod(lolz). Really regret not carrying on up.
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