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Report - Salvation Army Citadel- Barnsley- March 2015


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Not exactly a ground breaking building this one... well not in the reporting sense anyway haha (it is funny because the floor is unstable!)


The building (it appears to have been built in the very early 1900s but I couldn't find a date stone) was used for the Salvation Army for the last 100 years however in 2004 they left the premises and have since relocated to the large local village of Wombwell (home of the Wombfest festival and more pubs than you can count on both hands and feet!)
The building was meant to be in a 'prime' location and is pretty much on the Barnsley pub crawl however due to some roof related neglect and an astounding pigeon collection it is now in a bit of a state!
When sorting stuff out recently, they rediscovered memorial tablets that were put in storage during the move. They dated from May 1924 and remembered 11 men who served in the local regiments, they originally were part of the citadel.

This is a clipping from when the memorials were first unveiled


" The building [...] now stands empty except for the pigeons, and the memorial is in storage in the care of the Salvation Army." - Barnsley War Memorials

Below is an extract from the local rag about the struggle the corps found when relocating.
"THE Salvation Army has spent decades helping to find homes or shelter for people who sleep on the streets.
Now the Barnsley corps has found itself with a similar kind of problem - it's been homeless for four years. The members moved out of its 100-year-old Wellington Street Citadel in 2004, and the officers-in-charge have been unable to find a replacement. Captains Val and Andrew Spivey are becoming increasingly frustrated after looking at 11 buildings and sites in four years. They were denied seven of them because they were outbid by big business housing developers, while the other four were deemed unsuitable. In several cases the church had advanced plans to take over before they were “gazumped” by developers. Andrew said: “That’s what we’re competing against. We’ve sought help from the council, but with the regeneration of the town centre land is very much at a premium.”" - Barnsley Chronical

And finally here are some photos, not many artsy angles though, this one was a pretty quick jobbie

The outside


As you enter


The foyer


Bit of a state


and I have never seen so many dead pigeons, not even at Wakey ABC, also the live ones watch you through the massive hole in the roof



But once you start looking around you can see how great it must have been






There are some rooms up stairs and out back






There is an old playgroup room out back that has clearly been a hang out for teens


and can we take a minute to realise how much the lion looks like Jimmy Savile!


And to finish, even in a citadel, there are girls pasted to the wall ;)


Much love and hugs
Thanks for looking


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Interesting place :thumb Love the sight of dead pigeons. Cheers for sharing

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