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Report - Salvation army greenock, Fewster house.


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This is a site with a great deal of social history attatched.

The ground floor has been pretty securely boarded for the last year and is over-looked by houses and business premises. I saw my chance and popped in. I have been told that on it's closure last year it was the last remaining salvation army dry house in the uk.

It was at one point the inverclyde council's homeless hostel for families. Last year it was the focus of an emotive campaign to retain the services provided there for the people of inverclyde after the Salvation army were unable to maintain this commitment or the building which reputedly at the point of closure required extensive structural repairs and modernisation.


I find this building fascinating as it has been a home to masses of transient peolple and families over it's history. A large part of the ground floor seems to have been run as a drying out clinic it has hospital beds a doctors office and a bathroom with a creepy one way mirror.There is a fair amount of medical paraphenalia lying around, mostly as you might expect to do with alcohol testing.

How much do I weigh?

The building has been quite extensively "pikeyfied" wires and pipes ripped out of celings, that sort of thing. Every single room has had a 2 inch square hole punched in the wall presumeably so that folk could check for valuables before kicking the doors in (there are a lot of doors). The corridors are narrow, every room is more or less identical.


There are random cupboards and whole rooms completely filled with clothes, shoes and random charity shop tat. Cupboards have been ransacked and piles of slides, letters, christmas cards and books litter the corridors.

The rooms on the top floor seem to have mostly been used for clerical work, some house computer graveyards and boxes of salvation army leaflets.

Some rooms are pretty much untouched, this room had been used for presentations (the flip chart was blank).

And of course there are plenty of bibles!

There is a bizzare sub-level which seems to be filled entirely with childrens clothes rubbish and toys presumeably from the buildings time as the homeless families unit. The building is pretty visually unappealing but thats not the point, it was a place where some folk turned their lives around .

And yesthe majority of the rooms were painted porno pink.

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