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Report - Sandfields Pumping Station, Lichfield 9/09

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Sandfields was the oldest pumping station site belonging to South Staffs water,having once formed part of the original scheme implemented by the company, shortly after its formation. under the South Staffordshire Waterworks Company Act 1853.The Sandfields site was originally the company's sole source of supply, it was opened, as a tablet records, by Lord Ward the Earl of Dudley, on the 26th October 1858.

After the site closed in September 1997 the only remaining buildings on site are the Cornish engine house, which is grade II listed and the 1966 pumphouse.

In 1873 an additional sump well was constructed, and the beam engine house extended to accommodate the Cornish beam engine(Nr.4) which has been preserved in its orginal setting.The single acting expansion and condensing Cornish beam engine was constructed by Jonah and George Davies(Tipton) and ran until 1927, When it was retired from its standby duty service.It has a steam cylinder of 65" diameter and a stroke of 9 feet and once developed 190 hp at 7 strokes per minute, Whilst pumping at a rate of 2,000,000 gallons per day with a delivery head of 355 feet on the force pump.A tuscan arcade of three arches with fluted columns, supports the bearings for the beam and the whole construction even down to the smallest moulding , illustrates the close relationship between architecture and engineering in the second half of the 19th century.
History sourced from The Friends of Sandfields pumping station booklet by Brain and David Coldicott.
Acknowledgements to South Staffordshire Water PLC










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