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Report - Sandfields Pumping Station Lichfield


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28DL Full Member
My phones camera does not do this place justice.
Originaly me and Winston101 were gonna have a shot at the Maltings but circumstances and a Half Price Sale at the local shop put paid to that one.

A random desicion to go and have a reccy of this place on the way home - even though we thought it was a no - goer- and an almost supenaturaly fortunate change in our luck and we ended up inside.



Ground floor of the pump room.



Some sort of steam gauge assembly thing... Sorry i have no idea...



1st floor balcony


Schematics of the pump. Theres an amazing architects drawing of the whole building in here too.


Top floor. Im guessing its called the beam. This is a Cornish Beam Steam Engine. Apparently this is one of only a couple left in the country.
Originally used in Cornish mines to pump water from the mine workings.


This one used to pump water along from Haunch Hall resevoir.
the beam was so big it wouldnt fit in one shot!


Looking down from the top floor.
I didnt venture too far out accross the floorboards upstairs - i guess theyre ok but i didnt fancy chancing it to be honest.


This place blew me away - it doesnt look like anyone has paid it much attention for a few years but there is so much amazing stuff in here i couldnt take it all in.

Someone who knows what they are doing needs to get in here and take some propper pictures. You wont be dissapointed.

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