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Report - Sandford Mill. Chelmsford, Essex. April 2015


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Cheers for the heads up for this one Slayaaa.
I Was looking for something to do and decided to pop down and have a little look at the dials I had seen in Slayaa's report earlier on.. Being a lover of dials and a peeling paint I knew this place would not disappoint at all.
I had spotted this building just under a year ago when I was photographing an event outside the gates in the pouring rain, but stupidly forgot all about it. What a nice little treat. It is a small place and with only a few things to see, but what there is in there is nice. So as they say 'you snooze you loose'
After managing to get in, due to it being very busy and people walking around all over place, we were about to head out again, and a 7.5t lorry decides to park right next to our access, so we decide to make a sharpish exit and walk back out of the gate.

Again sorry if the images do look a little repetitive, but there is only a few things to shoot that is a bit of eye candy

Cheers for the bit of History Slayaaa
The building explored is the chemical filter building, it was used to filter the water and clean it for the Chelmsford waterworks site. Inside it housed the tanks and equipment to do this, laboratories to check and maintain everything and also the quality inspection/testing section where they would test the water to make sure it was fit for purpose.
Workers would use chemicals to correct/clean the water, large tanks inside the building were used to apply these chemicals to the water and mix them. The tanks are very big and I could only assume the noise would have been quite impressive.
The buildings houses a striking late art deco style, both inside and out and was built in 1956 as the site expanded and needed more room to do what it needed to do.
By 1984 Langford waterworks had been constructed and took over Chelmsford waterworks job and closed it down. The council then set up Sandford mill museum.














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This is my kinda territory! Cracking explore mate! :thumb