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Report - Sandwell College, Oldbury Campus - June 2012

Death Hormone

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After forgetting to bring my 18-55 lens for room shots, getting muddy and avoiding security, I was hyped to explore this place. Previous College/Uni explores have always been good. Sad to say this place was trashed :(
Have to excuse some bad shots as I felt rushed since the security

Some history:
The Oldbury campus is mainly "The Business and Technology" campus of the college. It was previously the buildings of Warley College. From what I can tell it was last used in 2009 before closing and pupils moving to the West Bromwich campus. Oldbury campus is set to be bulldozed and replaced with a new housing estate in the next few months.

If anyone has any more history feel free to add. Sadly no shot of the outside as I forgot to grab one due to been wary of security, So i grabbed one from google.


The only room that wasn't trashed:



Majority of rooms looked like this, or worse:

However still a few trinkets around...

A car part left in the Automobile garage:

burnt out section:

More shots to been seen here:

Sad to say, perhaps a few months ago, this place could have been awesome:(

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