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Report - Sarajevo Ski Jumps - Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sept 2015


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The Igman Olympic Jumps (also known as Malo Polje) are located on the Igman mountain near Sarajevo, in what was then Yugoslavia and is now Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Originally when Sarajevo put in their Olympic bid the ski jumps were due to be in separate locations, but this was changed after the games were awarded as it was decided that turn out to the events would be higher if they were both located in one spot. A new road was constructed to the mountain in 1979 and construction started on the jump hill and the judges tower in 1980 and was opened in 1982 But the ski lifts were not completed until 1983

The Ski jump events took place between Feb 12-18 1984 with 61 competitors from 17 nations taking part in 2 events, which were, the “Normal Hill Individual” (K-90) and the “Large Hill Individual” (K-112). The medals awarded were:

Normal Hill individual:
Gold: Jens Weißflog East Germany
Silver: Matti Nykänen Finland
Bronze: Jari Puikkonen Finland

Large Hill Individual:
Gold: Matti Nykänen Finland
Silver: Jens Weißflog East Germany
Bronze: Pavel Ploc Czechoslovakia

During the Siege of Sarajevo, Igman became part of the buffer zone between the 2 sides, the area around the ski jumping hill saw heavy fighting during the civil war and was also used for executions with some rumoured to have taken place on the former winners podium. Later in the siege the UN took over the former judging platform, the building still bears the painted letters on 2 sides of the building.

Mines were also laid throughout the mountainside, today 94% of all mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina have now been cleared but there are still a couple of signs on the way up the mountain.

Since 2010 a company called ZOI'84 has owned the hills with plans to renovate the venue and rebuild the ski runs with an expected outlay of around 7-10 million dollars (US). This new venue was due to open in 2013 but apart from some remedial works to the buildings and the former podium repainted not much has happened.









A few more (foggy) pics here: http://www.pastremnants.com/igman-olympic-jumps.html