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Report - Sathorn Unique Tower, Bangkok 2014


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'Sathorn Unique Tower is an unfinished skyscraper in the Thai capital city of Bangkok. Planned as a high-rise condominium complex, construction of the building was halted during the 1997 Asian financial crisis, when it was already about 80 percent complete. It is now among the most prominent of Bangkok's many derelict buildings, and has become a destination for urban explorers.'

The building's commercial brochure reads;

“Sathorn Unique Tower is our first residential project in downtown Bangkok. The tower is 49 stories with the total of 659 residential units and 54 retails, located only less than 200 meters from BTS: Taksin station. Sathorn Unique Tower is also located at the edge of old commercial town of Charernkrung meets the new international business zone of Silom-Sathorn roads. It sits on the horse-shoe bend which is considered the best place for overlook at the Bangkok’s grand cityscape and the charm of the Chaopraya River.”

From the outside, many describe it as giving an eerie post-apocalyptic feel and is also known as Sathorn Ghost Tower. Similarly designed sister building is State Tower, which was famous featured in the movie Hangover 2 with its iconic golden rooftop dome.

Scouting the perimeter
Looking for a way into the building I found a car park directly opposite, that had what looked like a flimsy walkway across.



Going up another level to check it out. Looks like it might be too late. It's been blocked off on the other side.





No luck here then. Although I did find some cute cats, assuming they belong to the homeless that live here.




It was time to leave the car park as there was no way to access the building from here anymore.

Second attempt
Time to have a look for a way in through the ground floor complex. I read that the stairwell was locked and I would have to find someone to unlock it for a 'fee'. Might as well check it out anyway.



Better not wake the sleeping dog ;)


No way to get up the main stairwell. How about the elevator shaft? Nah I'll pass.




Journey to the top continues
Time to look for some more leads. Trying to communicate with some of the locals in the area, no one seemed like they knew anything or wanted anything to do with the tower. Walked around some more, there were some street stalls near the tower, opposite a temple nearby. I asked a man,

"Kor tod kap! How to get up there?" pointing to the top of the tower.
"Ah no key, no have. Give me number, I call you when come back."

I left my Thai number with him and that was that. Several hours later, I got the call.

"OK you come now! 5 minute, OK?"
"OK! I'm coming now. Kob kun kap."

I call my friend who was also interested in coming but I wasn't sure if he had plans already. We both scramble down the road, luckily we were staying at Lebua State Tower at an air BnB and weren't too far away.

We arrive at the street stall I was at earlier that day. The man prompts us to buy something from his stall. He sold various assortments of brass, jade and wooden Buddha statues. He motions at the tower and tells us that it will protect us. Superstition must be a big thing, that or he just wanted a quick sale. I thought I'll buy something anyway, as he helped me get access. Once we bought our 'lucky charms' he stepped aside and motioned us to go through the entrance, to a woman who was sat on the ground and a makeshift table.

"She say you pay 1000 baht, you pay 500 baht, OK?"

Onwards to the woman, we decided to negotiate 500 baht each and after a minute or so she calls over the guy who bears the key. Finally. We are lead towards the stairwell and he unlocks the gate.

We didn't have a clue at the time how many stairs we had to climb but it felt like forever. We did stop to take a look at some floors on the way up to cool down.




Probably about halfway up, we took a small break from the endless flights of stairs to get water and cool down. Not a bad view.











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Good report. Having just come back from Thailand had noticed there were no posts from there so nice to see this. Going to be posting a few places from the north of Thailand shortly.


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Good report. Having just come back from Thailand had noticed there were no posts from there so nice to see this. Going to be posting a few places from the north of Thailand shortly.
Thanks. I have postponed posting this for quite a fair while now!

Ahh great! Such a beautiful country. Did you spend much time there? Would be interested to see, how do I follow you for new posts?

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Some stunning views here. Nice big explore. Bangkok has loads to offer. But why is there caged cats in a derelict building?
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