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Saying Hello

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:hello and Welcome along to 28DL on behalf of all our members.

Unfortunately it's not always possible to reply to every thread so WELCOME along, and we all look forward to seeing some site reports sometime soon.

Remember we're all new once, so please make an effort to say hello in this part of the forum by way of an introductory thread (Just a bit about yourself, where your from, interests etc)..

Also don't forget to read those pesky FAQ's as these will help you get started.

Good luck :thumb


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And can I just add....

Dear new person - it's great you are here, great that you are going to put up a welcome message....

But please....

Include your town/city/county or whatever in your title - you will get a much better response if you include a little more info:

"Hi from Margate"
is more likely to get a response from the Margate locals than :thumb
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