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Saying hi from Manchester.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
A big hello to you all from Manchester and more specifically the edge of Clayton Vale.

I’ve stumbled upon this place in a round about way and maybe it was fate!

I follow (I’m guessing it’s him anyway from the pictures) @The Lone Ranger on Flickr and love his stuff and some of his locations.
Was out walking around Chew Brook the other day and spotted what I now know to be the Chew Reservoir Syphon. Didn’t have the time to explore (was in other side of the valley) but was determined to find out more when home.
Googling and I’m here and reading The Lone Ranger’s report and getting seriously interested in going back.

I’ve ‘wasted’ hours reading reports before joining up.
Some really enjoyable reads and very envious of some of the places visited, especially around Manchester.

The only issue I have now apart from wanting to visit some of these places and not knowing how to even begin some of them is I’m a bit windy when it comes to heights and confined spaces :-(

Anyway, sorry for the essay(!) and hopefully I’ll get the bottle to try some and report back.

Do people mind repeat reports here or is it preferred if only ‘new’ places are reported?


A Porky Prime Cut
Regular User
Welcome in mate, Clayton Vale you say? More than meets the eye round there pal! ;) My name probably gives away from which side of the Medlock I hail from.

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
Staff member
Welcome to 28DL, some interesting stuff locally as you've seen :thumb


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member

Welcome in mate, Clayton Vale you say? More than meets the eye round there pal! ;) My name probably gives away from which side of the Medlock I hail from.
Yeah. 10mins from the Vale. Got an idea of 1 or 2. The bottle (our equipment as such) to go look however :oops: In fact as teens we always used to egg each other on to venture into one but always lost the nerve!


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Well a free hour to spare and a curiosity to see if the old grey matter still roughly remembered the entrance to the old childhood nemesis, I dragged the happily sleeping dog out for a walk.

Now I know we’ve had a bit of rain lately but the water level was up for sure. Certainly I can’t recall ever seeing the ‘entrance’ unreachable, but, maybe this is where the grey matter has failed with time (20yrs at least since last here) and this side isn’t accessible on foot.
So I’m hoping either @Nickindroy or @The Lone Ranger (only as you’ve both commented and been) or indeed anyone else who’s done it can help out.
My memory says the red brick path (we used to call this the red river, not sure if that’s a local thing though or just our childhood nickname) continued on both sides into the mouth of the culvert, how far I don’t know as I never managed it as a teen, however what I can’t recall is if that’s the same on both ends or only one.
Today I was in Philips Park and at the Alan Turing Way end. Am I right in recalling the ‘path’ going in here or not?

Like I say was a tad wet today...


Excuse the crappy picture, only had phone. Should have gone closer but dog was messing too close to edge tbh and the missus would kill me if the mutt had gone in!

Not really ready to explore properly yet. I only have walking gear, no wellies or decent light sources. This was curiosity getting the better of me, but guidance appreciated.


A Porky Prime Cut
Regular User
Yes mate, that's the start of what's commonly known as Medlock culvert (although there's a few along the way). Once you get the other side of the road, it's stone paved and bone dry mostly. Pair of wellies would do you. You can also do Big Humpty (bottom of Bank Bridge Road) if you walk the other way from where you're stood, can also be done in wellies, just. Prefer waders myself. If it'a a case of getting your nerve, give me a shout and I'll sort summert out pal.
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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
...If it'a a case of getting your nerve, give me a shout and I'll summert out pal.
Cheers. Much appreciated extra information. I moved away as a teen and pretty much forgot about the place until coming here and seeing it crop up, and obviously being back in the area again piqued my interest again.

Got a pretty good idea on Big’s location but intend to confirm some time on dog walk duties.

I’m assuming, although correct me if wrong that this time of the year (rain, rain, rain!) is not exactly the best time for these culverts and water levels.

Yeah. Total honesty, nerve is the issue. The unknown. I know they are not that long really, the mind just conjures up unexpected problems and drama(!)

The offer of a guide would be hugely appreciated whilst popping my cherry so to speak!

Let me sort some gear out and I’ll contact you and if the offer still stands and you are free then I’ll be definitely up for it.


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