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28DL and UE in the News "Scaling new heights for a cheap thrill" Scotsman 16:11:09

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Scaling new heights for a cheap thrill

The Scotsman online (and presumably in print too) 16:11:09

You all know the script by now . . . . . .

"A CRAZE for "urban exploration" ..... risking their lives .... breaking the law .... derelict buildings .... climbing the Forth Bridge .... 28 Days Later .... Siologen.... break into .... screwdriver .... etc."
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haha this is classic

One report of breaking into the Lauriston United Presbyterian Church advises bringing a mask, due to the "dead pigeons and other unsavoury things".

They do not only break into derelict buildings. One user described entering the basement of the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, and managing to gain access to a disused railway tunnel beneath the site.
also crystal maze gets a mention :D


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A shame this, the 'Scotsman' is usually pretty balanced in it's reporting, rather than this kind of 'article by numbers' nonsense.


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Gahhh! i fucking hate the press. if they took 5 fucking minutes to look at some reports on here they would realise that there are little to no explorers on this site that will physically break into a site.

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Cheap ??? The wife says it costs her loads to keep me exploring. Don't know what her problem is :crazy

Thought this would crop up sometime, saw it as a linkback earlier on.


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Absurd. they make us sound like fucking bandits
What's wrong with that? Banditry is a noble profession, right up there with being a highwayman or vagabond.

Any of those sound way better than Urban Explorer. What kinda nerd shit is that. $10,000 of cameras, photomatix, flickr pro and 500 forums. YEEEEEEEEEAH BOI...

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