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Report - Scarborough Futurist Theatre - Feb 2017


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After hearing that the theatre has now been earmarked for demolition and having seen no reports since 2015 I thought I would go and check this place out. It all seemed sealed up tight until i noticed that somebody had in fact been rather careless with a door. It lead into some stripped out and crappy room that hadn't been used for years and years. Then, suddenly, a hole in the wall - could this be the breakthrough we needed? The hole in the wall revealed a hidden staircase, which looked very cinema-esque. The staircase lead to another crappy room, and the door that was labeled 'stage door' was blocked with loads of crap and subsequently bricked up behind.

This end section of the theatre seems to have been very crudely sectioned off from the main theatre and I'm guessing it backs onto the stage. Maybe it was done around the same time that awful cladding was put on the front? Even though it was small and dangerous it was a bit of a rabbit warren with hidden doorways and blocked off rooms all over the place. Disappointing. If you want to give the main theatre a crack you better be quick.

Excuse the phone pics.








Krypton :)


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I wasn't actually going to post any pictures, it was more for the fact I wanted to let people know that it's soon going to be pulled down.

Feel free to delete it or change to information if inappropriate. I'd assumed it was all part of the same building..


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I went there in March, first time the alarms didn't go off but the second time the alarms were straight off, the only way I know in is through ---- access removed--- , is this correct?


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