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Report - Schindler's List Film Set - Liban Quarry - Poland - Nov 2019


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Popped in here for an hour or 2 as i was in Poland for something else, an interesting site to visit.

Once a Nazi labour camp for the nearby infamous Płaszów concentration camp just around the corner, Spielberg used it for the film Schindler's List, still a few bits left hidden in the trees.
Site of the infamous Amon Goth who used to take pot shots at prisoners from his house overlooking the camp and was responsible for sending tens of thousands to their deaths and is believed to have killed over 500 people with his sniper rifle from his balcony. He was hanged in 1946.

Ralph Fiennes as Goth in the film.

Goth in 1943.

Some history

The Płaszów set was created using the original blueprints of the camp and erected in a quarry just a few hundred feet from the historic location of the labor camp. Furthermore, inmates of Płaszów camp worked in the limestone quarry and were murdered on the site the replica now stands on. A road made of Jewish tombstones running through the center of the quarry is composed of prop headstones, but the inmates of the real Płaszów Labor Camp would have had to tread to and from work in the quarry over a similar road made of their ancestors’ graves.


Thanks for looking
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A very touching post with some sinister history from the past sadly i missed this on my visit very glad to have seen it will be back to look for my self great report very important


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Long time since I've watched that film but I remember some pretty harrowing scenes from here. Nice pics there mate


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Strange how you can watch a film but not see the scenery. It's an excellent film which I've seen at least a dozen times...yet all I remember is the people.

Good to see some old kilns. Love the photo of the steps to the staging..

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Pretty cool. But the tombstones bring a sombre feeling, and knowing the prisoners walked the road over the dead is a horrible thought. The film is very emotional and I found it hard to watch it all. Nice work & and old photos are great. Great report if not somewhat sad. :thumb

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Interesting place Lenston and some interesting bits there. You seem to like going to film sets mate:D