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Lead or Rumour info - Schlegel Automotive - Coalville - One to keep an eye on


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My old place, I was Senior Projects Engineer here, now the Indian owners have killed the place ( I left when I saw how they were running it, corner shop springs to mind )

Was a great place, very dynamic and some very clever people there.

200 now redundant and the rest looking like they will be going too.

no idea what the administrators plans are but they were 9 million overdrawn when I finished in 2009, so I can't see it staying open.

best seen before its stripped, LOADS of big heavy plant, 14 very large extrusion lines, 3 rubber mills, 2 mixing plants, toolrooms, die shops the lot.

One to watch, I'd give it 4 to 6 months before the gates are locked though there are no gates.

To be honest you could walk into the place no problem, not sure if that'll still be the case with administrators in charge


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skeleton staff only left there now, fulfilling last orders while new companies take over tooling etc

they won't be taking the extrusion gear though

early next year would be a good time for a mooch!


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Keep us posted if you hear anything else as a reminder, sounds like it could be a good'un!


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Righty ho!

Place is shut, some staff still on doing winding up, sorting out auction lots etc etc.

The receivers are in charge, and there are many, many people in hi-viz jackets on site, from many different companies.

I have been in removing some "waste" items which were rather useful to me. (more or less above board, creative item descriptions!)

If anybody wants a look around, now's the time, get a hi viz on and have a cheeky look! Access wise, look at rear corner nearest railway line. Google satellite pics are not far from current apart from number of cars in car park!

AR Demolition are in ripping out the old part of the factory, and looked to have removed most of it on tuesday when I was in there.

The newer part is much bigger though and still pretty full.

The rubber mixing plant and mills were still there in the old factory, but contractors were in cleaning up so I think their removal is imminent.

Good luck!


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Sigh, and another one bites the dust. Is there any heavy industry left in the UK at all?
Desperately sad really and things are slowly going the same way here.


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the auction is now online:

Online Auctions

If they want to get any money at all they'd better list it all a bit better!!

Can't believe how brief they've made it all sound!!

bit sad to see the Hyster 5 tonne forklift on there, I bought that while I was there to unload containers while I was installing a new extrusion line, one that's now been sold as a running concern to poland!


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all gone now!

Bought a few bits in the auction, now have an unlimited supply of lovely fold up plastic pallets for my business, FOC, bit sad talking to last friends on the closing down crew.