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Report - Scotts Cave, Dover. February 2021

Urban Ginger Hog

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Having not been out for a while I decided to take a walk with my camera and trusty collection of Olight torches. A pal had informed me of going in Scott's Cave recently and seeing as it had been some years since my last visit I thought it time for a return trip. Like a true pro, on my way in I droppedone of my Olight torches in the undergrowth and couldn't see it for toffee. Note made, to make sure any future torch purchases would be bright colours so could be easily seen if dropped. Feeling like a prize idiot and complete amateur I cracked on with the intention of having a better look on my way out. A belly crawl in, I was covered in dust n mud but nevertheless I was now in the main chamber. Things were all quiet, as expected, but thought I would check to see if any other adventurers were present before getting my camera and tripod out. Walking through a short tunnel and into the second chamber it appeared I did indeed have the place to myself. Everything appeared just as I recalled from my first venture here. At the far end of the second chamber is a tunnel which leads to the old well shaft. It was at this point where I was just starting to relax that a bat chose to fly around. I knew it was too good to be true! Give me cave spiders, loud annoying explorers but not bats. Since having one attach itself to me when I was a kid on vaccination in Canada, they've always freaked me out. Cursing and ducking every other step back out into the main chamber, I could no longer see the bat, result. After a few minutes to see if the bat would rear its ugly head again, I started to relax and set up my kit. A few shots later I spotted the bugger, so I stopped taking shots. Knowing this chap wasn't gonna go away I quickly ran down the tunnel like a frightened child and grabbed a quick shot of the well with my mobile phone. Running back out, it had disappeared once again. I took a few more shots and upon seeing it again I decided to leave it in peace and head back to the first chamber. Whilst walking back through the adjoining tunnel, another bat fly straight at me. Thoroughly unamused I quickened pace. Back in the first chamber I cracked on with some shots, whilst looking over my shoulder for the dreaded Dovorian Vampire bat. True to form, the little sod came out again. Getting frustrated as I was being careful to keep my torch pointing downwards and on a low setting, this sod wasn't having any one invade their space. Enough was enough and I started to pack up when I realised that the cave had what appeared to be small boxes on the walls, which I now believe may have been boxes for bat preservation. Feeling a bit rotten that I was disturbing a potential nest of them it was time to go find my lost torch. Crawling back, I fully expected to have a bat fly at me again but not this time. Having escaped the bat cave with my pride partially intake I went back to where I had dropped my torch. Just when I was thinking "that was money well spent", my luck improved and I located it. Covered in dust, nearly losing a good torch, and reliving a childhood nightmare - was it worth it? Cause it bloody was lol.

Bit of History on the batcave, from my favourite book:

Situated to the west of the Grand Shaft, these tunnels were referred to as Scott's Caves in the 1950s when a national register was compiled of underground caves and tunnels suitable for use as nuclear shelters during the cold War. Scott's was a well known dyer and cleaning firm that closed in 1963. Two main parallel tunnels or vault chambers are connected by smaller spur tunnels. One of the tunnels after 175 feet ends at a shaft. The shaft is 8 feet in diameter and reaches the cliff top after 120 feet. It is thought to have been a well at one time for the Grand Shaft Barracks above, but it was converted during the Second World War as an escape shaft when one tunnel was used as an air raid shelterand the other as a naval workshop. Scott's, who had premises in front of these tunnels for many years made use of them as engineering workshops.

Now time for a few photos, some from my mobile whilst taking cover from the Dovorian killer bat!

















Well, thats about it people. And remember, buy bright coloured torches, get some knee pads for those crawl in spaces and eat plenty of garlic to help keep the Dovorian bat at bay. Catch ya next time fellow adventurers


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Nice report mate , you watch when I get round to going to Scott’s cave it be bloody sealed again !


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28DL Member
Awesome write up and pictures we was up around western heights yesterday doing the usual....shame I didn't get find this looks awesome....love find that graffiti. Found alot with TA 1862. Seems its in alot of these tunnels

Urban Ginger Hog

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28DL Full Member
Awesome write up and pictures we was up around western heights yesterday doing the usual....shame I didn't get find this looks awesome....love find that graffiti. Found alot with TA 1862. Seems its in alot of these tunnels
Unfortunately there was literally only 1 or 2 pieces of old graffiti

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