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Report - SCPA Laboratories, Belgium March 2013


grumpy sod
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One from my backlog. This was one of the coldest days of my entire life, heavy snow had fallen the previous day and overnight during my stay in Liege and we woke up to -9C temperatures with an additional few degrees off with the windchill. Snow had blanketed the entire region and it took us an age to get out of Liege as none of the roads had been gritted and very few were ploughed but eventually we did and the first stop on the day was this abandoned laboratory complex. Just getting to the entry point was a mission as the snow had blown in drifts thigh deep across the adjacent field, and getting into the building involved getting a bonus face full of snow too. The things I do for photos...

Having had a quick squint at Google Maps somewhat surprisingly the buildings still appear to be derelict although it looks like one part of it has lost it's roof perhaps due to a fire.

Afterwards we carried on with the slow progress on some truly treacherous freezing cold roads and made it safely to a couple of other explores and a nice warm hotel :D

Thanks for looking :)​

Calamity Jane

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Very nice, fair play -9 id bulk at that, but I suppose if your visit was to explore its not to be wasted. Nice back cat report :thumb