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Report - Seabank Tank Farm - Dec 2012


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So finally got round to putting this one up. Visited with Zimbob after he recommended the site.

The Tank Farm was first built just after WW1 when the town of Invergordon was turned into a naval base. The tanks were mainly used for storing oil. In 1931 Invergordon was the site of the "Invergordon Mutiny" where 1000 sailors in the British Atlantic Fleet went on strike. In 1956 the site was de-commissioned.
In 1941 a Junkers 88 is reported to have bombed the site.

On February 15, 1941 a Junkers 88 is reported to have carried out a solo attack on the Seabank tank farm. Approaching from the east at only 40 feet it dropped two 500-pound bombs. The first bomb passed through one tank and into the next. Although it exploded it failed to start a fire, but tons of oil spilled out on to the adjacent railway tracks and nearby station. The second bomb also passed went through another tank, but failed to explode after landing in the oil slick. The aircraft then made a sharp turn to avoid a church steeple, and machine gunned a Sunderland moored in the firth, causing slight damage, before making its escape.
One tank was destroyed but there are conflicting reports regarding where any exploded.

Anyway...on the with pics!

First impression - the tanks seemed to go on forever.


Seems that some were also used for storing water.


There were a couple of brick tanks. Seems to be a mystery as to why...


We then made our way into what we guessed was the boiler room


Lots of the buttons and controls were left over




Then we decided to make our way inside a tank


After a brief scrabble we were in, and apologies for the dodgyness of the pictures.




We then made our way up the stair on one of the tanks



Before leaving, we had to pop into the warehouse type building by the entrance,


This was a great site, would like to go again a look around now the nights are longer.


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