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Report - Seacombe Hydraulic Tower - August 2015


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Hello from The Wirral!
Bombed in the war and now largely derelict, the building is an important part of the history and heritage.
Explored in early august. This abandoned / derelict place in South-East wirral is a good site to explore in the Merseyside area (why you still can!) and is one of few accessible places to explore on the Wirral. Although pretty vandalized in the downstairs rooms (entrance) and little to see (mostly just litter and beer cans) the actual tower is great and has a nice view of Liverpool across the River Mersey. There is reconstruction plans / builders right next to the site, however none paid any attention to 'us' when we could be seen from the windows and rooftop. The actual build up to the tower is dangerous ( as you'd expect in any abandoned place) The floors are crumbling and you have to walk a cross a planked door from one side of the room to the other to get to the entrance of the tower staircase BEWARE AS FRAGILE. Their is two 'roofs' one halfway up the staircase and the second at the very top. The spiral stair case to the top of the tower is dangerous, the derelict walls are crumbling and the metal on the stairs are rotting, with nothing to hold onto it was a hard walk to the second rooftop. No wonder the site is being refurbished for the
‘Generator’ project which will provide up to 90,000 sq ft of new office, incubation, studio, cultural and ancillary retail / A3 space, to support fast-growing small and medium sized businesses.
Thanks for reading. Sorry for picture quality once again done on phone, I must take a camera next time!



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Fair play getting up there, it was rotten as a bugger in 2006!

The Kwan

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Great report, I cant believe how fast the area around the tower is being developed now, all modern and shiney.


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Great report - well done for braving that climb up those rickety stairs and ladders and getting to the top - the views are great! Have the plans for this place changed btw? J-man's previous report said it was going to be a bar/restaurant,which is what I thought,but it's now going to be a business centre? Either way it'll be good to see it refurbished!



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The place is boarded up and locked up tight now :( I tried getting in here once and to no avail nice photos though :)